Growing up in South Dartmouth, Mass., running free, woods/ocean, spirits of the Wompanoag, creatures, birds, smells of grass and sea air, collecting treasures at Barney’s Joy Beach, mushrooming, the oak tree, oreo cows, haying with Many, Quahoggin’, ‘The Dingy’, dark and stormies, Mary’s cookies, tea with Carol, skinny dippin’ in the phosphorescence at Great Neck, fireflies, cutting brush with Roy, poison ivy, Parcheesi with Ella, Miles identifying birds, Godgirra on the beach, Kadima with Alex, Cliff’s suspenders, plays in night gowns on Grandpa’s deck with Mikey, salty dogs of every sort, Captain John and his boat and beard, Grandpa’s slippery hitch and bit ‘o’ beef. Moosechicks, griddle-cakes, walking over the hill with ski poles and falling ‘ass over tea-kettle’. Barn dancing, Eva and Grannie’s magical gardens and bird-bath.  Carol’s gentle spirit and menagerie.  All of the Boegeholds and Great Neck.  Nails the dog, Scree and Didwee, drawing with Dad, routines to ‘Off The Wall’, and ‘Dancing Queen’.  Easter kites, Mom’s silver lamé pants, Dad’s daffodils, skunk-cabbage stream and indian maidens.  Buttercups under chin, Dandelion chains, Dairy Chief and Jimmy’s pizza.  Clam bakes at FD2, Nancy and Alan’s farm and critters, floating in the inlet, Kenny G., Rosy, Cowdog and Lamont.

To my sister, Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Granny, Michael T., love love love.

My gratitude and love to you all.

Also, many thanks to Pietsie Campbell, Giovanni Jance, Aunt Theodora, Hugo Vargas, David Baker, Aaron Woolf, and all the fuzzies past and present.  And to Kara Malkovich and Boge who introduced me to Tony Hall, which got this whole project going, I’ve found my long lost brother, who’s creative spirit, humor, weird 70’s movie info, muscle car know-how, and popcorn expertise, is second to none.  Thank you Krazy Jane!  I feel like Amabel and Cecil Irton Wylde somehow got us together because they knew we needed to meet, connect, sing her poems, and be the New-Englanders that we truly are, even if living in Los Angeles.

So, thanks especially to Gaaghy and Grandpa. All for to sound the seas!  xo CW

Thanks to H.A.E., Mouse, Mum, Lisa and Matilda for the drawings. Dad and the Codman Co. The Reeces and The Merrills. Chris Cole, John Langstaff, Jim Fuller, Matt Kennett, DC, Cravi Craviotto, Josh Mills, Johnny Gomes Mitchell, Mini, Ann Malia, Mimi, Maxine, Wilson, Mashpee, MDI, and The Cranberry Islands.